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We've moved....AGAIN!

dyrhildr, Jan 27, 13 10:56 AM.
So the PTB (Powers That Be) decided to consolidate servers again and, once again, we got shuffled. The guild has had a long hiatus over the past few months as life got complicated for many of our members. We are back up and running, though, and ready to kick a little Republic ass!
Welcome to Virtue of Vice on Prophecy of the Five!!

We've Moved!

dyrhildr, Jul 27, 12 11:08 PM.
So now Virtue of Vice has moved to The Fatman but unfortunately, a few of our members got lost along the way. If you have yet to make the big move, please transfer your toons to our new server so we can reinvite! See you soon!!


dyrhildr, Jun 13, 12 8:02 PM.
The transfers to "The Fatman" from "Hedarr Soong" are FREE and are HAPPENING!! Please move all of your toons ASAP!
transfer information is available at

VoV is going to ROCK The Fatman! :)


dyrhildr, Jun 10, 12 9:11 PM.
Serious thought is being put into moving the guild if the opportunity arises when Patch 1.3 hits. Thoughts? Comments? See the thread in the VoV Cantina.

Content Patch, Fp/OPS

dyrhildr, Mar 17, 12 4:35 PM.
Hey members!

We are excited about the new patch with the Legacy lvl perks! Also, we need that freaking guild bank! lol

As more members are hitting 50, we are looking to start having fixed times for Flashpoints and Operations so please head to the VoV Cantina on the "Cantinas and Council Chambers" tab and sign up in the FP/OPS thread for what best fits you. :)
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Welcome to Virtue of Vice!
To Start: Please read the FAQ and Basic Guild Info located just to the left there.
(<-------see it? Very Good!)

If you are only seeing two tabs, it's because you aren't a member yet!


Bring your toons to "Prophecy of the  Five" and come run with us! As always, we are open to all classes...whatever you want to play is perfect for us. Just let it be a thought in the back of your head that we would really REALLY love a few more tanks.   :).

Holo of the Day:

It says "Jedi Ninjas" but we prefer to think of them as "Revanites" since Jedi clearly are incapable of being this bad ass :P

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